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1. Is KetonX safe?

Yes. In fact, ketosis is the metabolic state our bodies would naturally be in if we didn’t force our bodies into glycolysis through high-carbohydrate diets.

2. Are there any side effects to the Ketopia program?

Due to the instant cleanse this program initiates, some may experience nausea or headache in the first few days.

3. Can I take too much KetonX?

We recommend 1 – 3 KetonX drinks per day.

4. What if I blow it?

No problem. KetonX was developed to reset your thermostat and put you back in control of your health goals.

5. What are the details around the exclusivity?

ForeverGreen has the exclusive rights in our industry to the technology featured in KetonX. We also have the exclusive rights to any reference of ketones and weight management. After all, what else is there?

6. How do I maximize my experience with Ketopia?

First, we always recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise in anyone’s efforts to improve their health and wellness. Furthermore, it’s the body that performs the miracles. All the body needs are the proper raw materials. These raw materials are historic.

7. What is the shelf life of KetonX?

One year.

8. What should my meals include?

While the meal plan is simple and friendly, please refer to the Ketopia guide.

9. Can I eat steak on the program?

Many do, but if you’re striving for improved overall health, proteins that are easily digested are recommended. These include chicken, fish and nuts.

10. What are recommended snacks while I am on the program?

Dough Bites, FIXX, avocados, nuts, eggs, cheese, etc.

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